Elderly Brothers
  • "The Best Seniors Entertainment in Australia" National Seniors 2011
  • "Viagra for the over 50's" Adelaide Fringe Festival
  • London Palladium with Max Bygraves
  • Luxury cruise liners
  • Adelaide Festival Theatre with Normie Rowe
  • Adelaide Casino
  • Morning Melodies
  • Sydney Club Circuit with Little Patty and Cole Joy
  • Cabaret Festival
  • Their music - wonderful and clever
  • Their Humour - definitely Irish
  • A Delightful Mix of Music & Comedy
  • "Lest We Forget" Anzac Day Concerts
  • Scott Theatre Kintore Ave, Adelaide 2pm & 6.30pm
Phone : 0412 012 762
Email : Irishalbert@dodo.com.au

Winston Kay

Winston Kay is the third member of the Elderly Brothers.Nicknamed Mr.Smooth,Winston is reminiscent of the great lounge singers.
Sinatra,Tony Bennett and Nat King Cole.

He has performed on the glitzy London club circuit and regularly on channel 9 in the 70's.